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Kingdom Age Solutions

Kingdom Level Solutions

Kingdom Age Solutions for the beginning of the Kingdom Age.

God’s Divine Plan of Salvation

Believe that Jesus Died in Your Place

God devised a plan of Salvation for the Sons of Adam, so that we can be restored/redeemed after the fall from 5D to 3D back to 5D or higher again. It is brought down to the Earth through the persona known as Yeshua HaMashiach aka Jesus Christ. It is a simple plan given to us through faith in the finished works of Yeshua the Christ. He fulfilled the law requirements to pay for the penalty of sin, which is death, through his own death on the cross.

Kingdom Level Solutions: Family


There are no racial bigotries, no religions or denominations in Heaven. there is only Heavenly Father and all His sons and daughters.

And there is love everlasting, joy unspeakable and peace like a river flowing.

Kingdom Level Solutions

Out of Darkness into The Light
Out of Forgetting into Remembering

If one of your sons or daughters were to run away into the woods and get lost are they suddenly no longer your son or daughter? If they were to then, fall and hit their heads on a log and experience amnesia not knowing who you are or who they are, are they no longer your child?

During the reign of Christ(s), we regain our place as God’s sons and daughters. We come out of the darkness (woods) back into God’s love and light. We also come out of the forgetting and remember who we are and who God is.

May the Light of the Christ Child shine on you today.


Kingdom Level Solutions Testimonials
Angel Lopez

“Since learning about God’s love for me and who I am, I no longer feel full of anxiety about tomorrow because I know God’s got my back?”

Kingdom Level Solutions Testimonials
Shalandra Deligo

“Forgiving myself was the hardest part and then admitting to myself that I had been holding grudges against God and forgiving even Him too.”

Kingdom Level Solutions Testimonials
Sonny Chan

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable?”


What A Blessed Nation You Are

South Africa, you are truly blessed, if only you recognized the day of your visitation and come humbly in repentance and sackcloth before the Lord, and He will have mercy upon you and upon your people.

When some people saw this, they thought the rapture had taken place and began to repent and call upon the name of the Lord, Yeshua.

angel cloud Port Elizabeth South Africa

Fire Angel seen over Port Elizabeth, South Africa, bring vials of coals of fire, aka diamonds to South Africa.


Let’s work together on our next project:
High Frequency Communities of Mansions

Let’s work together to make God’s Kingdom Age the best it has ever been on this planet for a very long time.

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