Kingdom Level Knowledge

The Lord is bringing Kingdom Level Knowledge to the Earth to help us to be ready for this time of shifting.

A group of scientists receive communications from one who addressed himself as the Master of the Universe receive important scientific information for use during this crucial time, as the Earth, Gaia, herself makes the leap forward from 3D – 4D -5D.

Magnetic Forces

Please use as led by the God of this Verse, The Most High. ,We will need it during this time. The powers we are now using will become dangerous and useless. We will have to move from negative energies: electric, fossil, explosives, etc. to energies of flow: magnetic being the chief, solar, water and wind. The new energies coming from our Galactic Sun, Alcyon, will knock these powers off and make them more dangerous to use, hence the storms. The electrical system presently in use on the Earth, produces ions in the atmosphere that attracts storms to it. Alcyon’s energies are positive and unifying. One of its most important energies is unity or unification, hence the unifying ideas, concepts and technologies, even art that are presently on the Earth.

The End of 3D and The Beginning of God’s Kingdom Age aka the Millennium Reign of the Christs. We are at the Beginning of God’s Kingdom Age. He has sent His messengers: Angels and the Redeemed from Heaven into the Earth to announce this New Age. Receive your blessings and new grace of unification and clarification through the revelations in the Mighty Name of Jesus, Yeshua the Christ.

Level up from being a Christian to becoming a Christ: one who understands the darkness but chooses the Light, Anointed, Sent and Empowered by the Lord Yeshua. Beginning to move in His power and anointing. Receive the New Grace of Oneness through Revelation.

Revelations of Who We Truly Are Given Through NDE (Near Dear Experience) My Anger Killed Me by Black Activist: David Williamson

Moving by Faith and Overcoming Fear

The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn

With Bible Scripture references.

Reading by the Master Key Society

Revelations of the Grace of God by Pastor Creflo Dollar:

Unifying Revelation Given to Pastor Creflo Dollar

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